Mommy, Daughter, And Anxiety – Family of three

I’m a mother to a super awesome three year old. I always expected parenting to be hard. Anxiety makes it so much harder though. I was watching Rogue One the other day with my family and it begins with a small girl being left all alone to fend for herself. I spent half of the movie thinking about my daughter and what would happen to her. What if she can’t defend herself (she can’t). What if I can’t always protect her (and, I can’t). What is going to happen to us?

Anxiety can be overwhelming, encompassing, and debilitating. It also, however, can be encouraging and persuasive. The next day I enrolled my daughter in a Wee Warriors class (martial arts) and I enrolled in a self defense course at the University I attend. These are great things to be involved in, but not when your spending limit is $0 and you just impulsively dropped
$100+ on classes. Hopefully it’s a good investment, even though I know continuing martial arts would only get more expensive. But what can I do? My horrifying thoughts take over my mind and body, making my heart feel heavy and my brain race in a thousand different directions. Is it worth my sanity? Only time will tell.

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  1. Les says:

    Hi Happy New Year, it is a great investment, I suffer with anxiety and over 20 years martial arts helped me to manage and stay positive. Now I’m helping others with mental health problems teaching Karate. Martial arts will help to build confidence , self value and many other qualities 🙂 Kind regards Les

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    1. Embrace Yourself says:

      Thanks Les. I’m excited to see her start, perhaps I’ll join an adult class myself sometime in the future! 🙂

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