I’ve been doing some reflecting on alcohol’s role in my life after a couple recent events. Right now, I feel disgusted by it. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on drinks that are bad for my body. Drinks that inhibit my ability to control my body, to critically think, to function. Drinks that destabilize my mood that I work so damn hard to stabilize every day.

These drinks that have taken lives away from me. Alcohol robbed me of a father. Alcohol ruined previous relationships of mine. Alcohol ruined my graduation. Alcohol has destroyed so many aspects of my life and at times I even feel like a slave to it. Days when I think “man I just need a drink now.”

Alcohol has stolen so many memories and moments. And now, it’s making progress to snatch the best relationship I’ve ever had right out of my gripped hands.

I don’t know what to do.

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