In January I followed a vegan diet for the month ( #Veganuary ). It was difficult at first. I was so grateful whenever a restaurant had clear indicators for which foods were vegan. Even more respect for the restaurants that had more than 4 vegan options. I found myself reaching out to baristas and waiters/waitresses to ask questions (many of which remembered me and gave me more information on vegan availability for their menus!). I had a local liquor store go above and beyond to make me a list of every vegan wine they carry. I tried some amazing dishes that have become some of my favorite go-to meals. I felt great physically and emotionally!

Now it’s March. I said I’d maintain a mostly vegan diet but I find myself eating eggs and dairy products. My stomach is upset more frequently, my headaches are back. Granted I’m stressed and I’m sure that has something to do with it – but I can’t help but wonder if the diet makes this big of a difference on my overall well being.

It’s hard being a vegan in a meat eating and dairy consuming country.

I need to find my tribe.

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